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Humeng       IDCon


HumEng and IDCON team up to strengthen the School Without Walls maintenance product line.

These new products and services will be a great addition to the existing School Without Walls maintenance training portfolio. The Condition Monitoring Standards (CMS) are training and reference material on how to perform inspections on common equipment components such as AC Motors, Pumps, Valves, Cylinders, and much more. The CMS are used by both operations and maintenance for training and reference with equipment inspection routes.

Available now:
100R: AC Motor
101R: Tire Coupling
103R: Grid Coupling
106R: Gear Coupling
107R: Jaw Coupling
110R: Vacuum Pump
114R: Solenoid Valve  
117R: Gear Reducer
118R: Belt Conveyor
120R: Axial Fan
127R: Centrifugal Pump
129R: Bearing
130R: Chain Drive
131R: Hydraulic Unit
133R: Mechanical Seal
134R: Packing
137R: V-Belt Drive
142R: Radial (Centrifugal) Fan
144R: Gear Pump
150R: Universal Joint
152R: Air Regulator
154R: Rotary Lobe Blower
158R: Bolts and Nuts
159R: Air Cylinder
161R: DC Motor
162R: Valve
166R: Hydraulic Cylinder
167R: Water-cooled Bearing
168R: Hydraulic Motor
169R: Multistage Pump
171R: Oil Mist Station
172R: Pipe Hangers
175R: Double-suction Pump
176R: Refiner
199R: Single Point Lubricator

In development:
112: Tank
113: Screw Conveyor
115: Des Case Air Breather
119: Drag Conveyor
121: Agitator / Mixer
122: Quincy Rotary-Screw Compressor
123: Air Desiccant Dryer System
128: Heat Exchanger
140: Centrifugal Screen
143: Sliding Vane Pump
155: Cog Belt
160: Diaphragm Pump
901: Cavitation
902: Vibration
903: Ultrasonics