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Case Studies:
While pulp & paper training and elearning are not new concepts, School Without Walls represents the first time they have been brought together and offered as a full suite of courseware. Several papermaking companies have already put the elements of School Without Walls to the acid test of in-mill use by operators and maintenance personnel - with excellent results! Here are just a few of the success stories of School Without Walls implementation in the P&P industry:
“This training greatly facilitates the transfer of best practices”
- S. Dumas, Training Coordinator, Domtar (Ottawa)
"The Theory added to the practical knowledge of experienced operators will be powerful. It will accelerate the learning curve of younger, less experienced operators. They will get the papermaking theory as they learn the practical side."
- John Brandt, Paper Mill Superintendent, Longview Fibre

"I feel like I really learned, and I have been making paper or testing it for 39 years. I am really impressed with this training program. It far exceeded my expectations. Well Done!"

- Don Drosehn, Manager of Manufacturing, Currency Papers, Crane&Co.
Each case study contains 4 sections: Company, Challenge, Solution and Gains.
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