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Conference at PAPTAC Paperweek on the Aging of the Workforce
HUMENG International Inc. organized a conference on the aging of the workforce for the Professional Development Committee of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada.

The Conference was held in Montreal during Paperweek 2002. The main presenter was John Parkins of Natural Resources Canada. Panellists were: Doug MacPherson, Canadian Steel Trade and Employment Council (CSTEC); Fernand Otis, Quebec Sectoral Committee of the Softwood Industry; Denis Leblanc, Mining Industry Training and Adjustment Council (MITAC). The conference chairman was Tom Doak-Dunelly. These industry experts exposed challenges faced by different industrial sectors when trying to attract and train new employees and deal with a shortage of workers.

A synopsis of the Conference can be ordered from the PAPTAC Web Site at www.PAPTAC.ca