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HUMENG becomes a TAPPI Recognized Education Provider
The TAPPI Recognized Education Provider program is a new TAPPI service for the pulp, paper and converting industry that recognizes and encourages high quality continuing education activities.

Designed to make it easier for consumers to locate high quality training providers, the Recognized Education Provider, or REP program, connects consumers of training and continuing education with providers that have met rigorous, industry-sanctioned criteria for developing and delivering quality learning activities.

According to Ronald LaBrie, president of Humeng: “We, at Humeng, have been waiting a long time for a program such as the REP. There are so many training providers in the market, some are excellent and many are not. The REP allows firms like ours to be recognized as providing high-quality content, based on sound adult-education principles.” LaBrie applauds the efforts of TAPPI and encourages other industry associations to follow suit. According to him “Any learning provider that provides high quality products and services, based on best practices will welcome initiatives such as TAPPI’s. It provides a great service to providers and to consumers.”

Humeng went through the application process in March and became an accredited TAPPI REP in May 2005.

For more information on the REP program, please visit the web site at www.tappi.org/rep.