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Training Leaders' Forum - Atlanta
HumEng International Inc. and Albany International presented the process and results of a case study on Longview Fibre's approach to improving the skills of operations personnel through eLearning. 

It is well known that over the next 5 to 10 years, the paper industry will experience a loss of many talented and experienced papermakers. This talent loss is expected to leave a significant knowledge void. At the same time, there is tremendous international pressure in the industry to operate at highest efficiency and lowest total cost. The requirement for highly competent workers has never been greater.

Albany International, a leading worldwide machine clothing supplier, has decided to do its part to help its customers. It has collaborated with HumEng International Inc., an industry leader in knowledge development and management, to produce eLearning modules on Forming, Pressing and Drying for machine crews and first line supervisors. Because of the many advantages it offers, Albany chose eLearning as the preferred medium to share its abundance of papermaking knowledge and experience with its customers.

Albany Internationalís best practices were documented in a user-friendly learnable format on HumEng's media-rich eLearning platform by experienced adult education specialists.

The Press Section modules were launched first, with very favorable customer response. They were also piloted at a Longview Fibre mill. Individual trainee tracking confirms improved understanding, with pre-learning scores at 55% and post-learning at 85%. The results of the pilot and Albany International's experience with the modules for its own personnel were presented by Bill Haverinen, VP customer service North America, Albany International and Ron LaBrie, VP Consulting and Founder, HumEng International Inc.

Who is Albany International?

Albany International is the world's largest producer of custom-designed paper machine fabrics and process belts that are essential to the manufacture of paper and paperboards. In its family of businesses, Albany applies its core competencies in advanced textiles and materials to other industries. Additional information about the Company and its businesses and products is available at www.albint.com.

Who is HumEng International Inc.?

HumEng International Inc. is a leading provider of learning content, technologies and services to the industry. For the past 15 years, HumEng has been helping increase its customers productivity through targeted training investments and skills development. For more information about HumEng's products and services, visit www.humeng.com.